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Astrology, numerology, spiritual sciences, predictive sciences, palmistry etc play significant roles in the individual’s life. So now, there may be many questions that might be ticking the heads of many people like What is Astrology?, Why should I believe in it? Can planetary positions in each house affect my life?, Can I achieve success by just the remedies provided by astrologer and lot more.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is basically the study of positions, movements of celestial bodies, planets, the sun, and the moon at the time of an individual’s birth that possess a direct relation with their character. All this positioning is thought to affect the person’s fate and thus play an important role in his life events. There are many cultures like Chinese, Maya, and Indian that have developed an elaborate system for predicting various events through astronomical studies.

Why should I believe in Astrology?

It is obvious that you have this question in mind and we are glad to answer this for you. Astrology is totally based on mathematical calculations of planets and their positions in the houses. Before believing in astrology, try to extract something really positive that might affect your life otherwise do some research before you try to reject it. The natural behavior of humans to get curious and find control in their life may be the cause to believe in astrology. Almost each day for an individual is a hustle-bustle, chaotic and people engage in various difficult situations that involve important decisions accompanied by anger, fear, anxiety, disturbances and lot more. In order to escape from all these people continue to check their daily horoscopes, go to fortune tellers, tarot card readers, aura readers, face readers and more.

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Can planetary positions affect an individual’s life?

We, humans, are the part of the universe and this universe has many celestial bodies, planets, stars, galaxies, the sun, the moon, astral bodies and lot more. As we already know that astrology is solely dependent upon planets, its positions, and movements. The nine planets along with the placement of sun and moon during the time of birth of an individual and its movements through the sky in future, present and the past are considered to play a significant role in human’s life. The planets possess natural force that influences the life of people on the earth with emotional, physical, biological states of living. The astrologers or the fortune tellers such as Master Deepak Ji are the people who after an extensive research, predictions, scientific observations over various things can predict the destiny and future with the help of planets and positioning.

Each planet corresponds to the houses and astrology signs. There are twelve zodiac signs ruled by the planets.

astrology zodiac signs, planets and houses

No wonder, that with the increasing interest of the people in astrology and predictive sciences, astrologers have also increased effectively. There may be many astrologers who want to make money out of your problems and there may be genuine astrologers too. Now, the most important thing is to share or discuss your problems with a genuine astrologer and find solutions for them. The renowned Vedic astrologer Master Deepak Ji combines his experience, observations, beliefs and helps the masses to achieve the desired results. Master Deepak Ji possesses great knowledge of astrology, numerology, Vedic astrology, gemstone therapy, Vastu Shastra and more. Master Deepak Ji holds mastery in reading horoscopes by mathematical calculations and providing the basic solutions or remedies to various problems faced by the individuals.

Master Deepak Ji’s zeal towards serving humankind gave initiation to his personal website. Blessed with immense wisdom and having years of experience, Master Deepak Ji preaches intellect solutions based on Vedic astrology (see image below to know more about what is Vedic astrology), numerology, Vastu Shastra, Lal Kitab remedies & gemology.

Alongside personal consultancy, Master Deepak Ji updates his website with relevant information for seekers, he posts interesting & knowledgeable blogs related to astrological remedies, writes books, conducts TV and Radio shows that are world famous.

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