Mahakaal Living

Master Deepak Ji

Master Deepak Ji has gained immense name and fame around the globe for his experience and intellect in the field of predictive sciences. The predictions made by him hold true for individuals and the remedies suggested bring about a positive impact on the life condition of a person.

The trust of people in his teachings and his interest to build a healthy and peaceful life state for them, led to Radio and TV talk shows. Both, the Radio show voiced in the California Bay area in 2010 and Karma Aur Kismat Konnection aired on TV ASIA in 2015, gathered significant public attention. The shows provided an insight to the realms of Vedic Astrology, weekly highlights and zodiac forecasts, dialogue with celebrity guests, solutions to important and general aspects of astro sciences and many more.

Following the success of such shows and huge demand from the aspirants across the world, Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji will soon be launching his new show. ‘Mahakaal Living‘ to be aired on Aap Ka Colors and Sony will see Guruji provide further information on Astrological sciences and how it can be used to lead a satisfied lifestyle.

Mahahal Living is Guru Master Deepak Ji’s new show. Please watch it on Aapka Colors channel on Sony.