Role of Mercury In Astrology – Karma Aur Kismat Konnection

 Karma Aur Kismat Konnection – Master Deepak Ji with Ayesha Jhulka  – EP# 04

Mercury is the smallest planet in the universe and closest to the sun. Master Deepak Ji shares his study on the planet Mercury and what role it plays in our lives and how it influences all signs. For a start let’s share the characteristics of the planet as described by Master Ji.

Characteristics Of Mercury

The planet Mercury, also known as Budha in Vedic Astrology, is green in color with its own significance. The green color of Mercury depicts calmness, hope, a balanced life and holds the ability to relax aroused or unhappy minds.

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known for the bestowment of sharp-mindedness, intelligence, creativity, good education, charming personality and good health. People blessed with powerful Mercury are very intelligent, innovative, good looking, harmonious and fun loving.

Mercury and Houses

Mercury, in the Wheel of Houses, when ingresses in 6th, 8th or 12th House, offers positive effects. Similarly, for horoscope when the planet falls in these three houses(6,8 or 12) for any zodiac sign, it will give favorable outcomes.

Friends And Enemies

Planets do have friends or enemies and Jyotish guru Master Deepak Ji explains that Mercury likes Sun, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu as well. But Moon is considered to be the enemy of the planet.

Gemstone for Mercury

In the Ancient period, planets were associated with certain gemstones to improve their influences or to make them a good will partner.  Natural Emerald or Panna is recognized as the gemstone for Mercury. Guruji says that if Mercury is the Ruling planet at the time of birth of a person, then wearing Panna will result in positive upshots in your life.

Signs Ruled By Mercury

As explained by Astrologer Master Deepak Ji, Mercury is governed by two Zodiac Signs – Virgo and Gemini.

Mercury and Body Parts

Body parts ruled by Mercury are the brain, central nervous system, thyroid gland, five senses, hands.

Signs Of Weak Mercury

One of the major sign of weak Mercury is lack of intelligence and wisdom. Physical factors to know if your Mercury is weak are the weakness of the nervous system, anxiety, insomnia, pulsations, skin defects, and allergies. The lungs and heart may be weak.

A less strong or weak Mercury may result in the following conditions:

  • People may have a weak memory, may be lazy, dumb, daydreaming, or irrational.
  • It may cause weakness in ruling body parts of Mercury.
  • It disturbs the balance in personal and professional lives so a person faces a lot of problems in his life.
  • Mercury is a planet of business and communications. A weak mercury may lead to business loss. The individuals may suffer from fraud or blocked money with people.

Astrological Factors behind Weak Mercury:

There can be two major factors behind the weakness of Mercury:

  • Firstly, comes the placement of Mercury in the horoscope chart. Mercury is at its fall or lower dignity in the horoscope of some people. In this case, Mercury influences in a negative or malefic way causing their life worst on account of the vengeance of Mercury upon them.
  • Second reason is if Mercury is placed in difficult houses in the Houses of Wheel. People with such positioning of Mercury in their wheel of houses have to bear the wrath of Mercury.  But they are a number of remedies that can be followed to increase the power of Mercury or to calm down the anger of Mercury.

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Remedies to Increase the power of Mercury

Master Deepak Ji believes that if you are facing troubles in your study or feel your wisdom and intelligence is not helping you in the right way, it implies your Mercury is not having sufficient powers or you are suffering from malefic effects of Mercury.  Here, we would describe all the remedies suggested by Jyotish Master Deepak Ji that can be beneficial to reduce the ill-effects of Mercury and make it stronger.

  • Wearing Emerald can help you increase the power of Budha.
  • You can start fasting for Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays to heal your weak planet. Worshipping the lord and wearing green clothes is beneficiary.
  • Making Charity is the most blissful way to please the graha Budha and calm down his wrath. Charity involves ivory, sugar, black gram, camphor, turpentine oil. Apart from it, helping weak students in their study, poor people in every possible way can also help in betterment of Mercury effects.
  • Enchanting Mantras
  • Chanting the mantras, especially chanting of Beeja Mantra is one of the best way to please the planet. You can start reciting it from 108 times to 51,000 times in one sitting.
  • Regular worshiping or praying to God is the simplest way to acquire blessings from the Budha planet.

Bija Mantras

Celebrity Time

This time, one of the renowned personality of entertainment world, Mrs. Aiysha Jhulka was the invited to be a part of the show. She came up with a question to ask from Master Ji. Here is a brief description of what she asked:

The correlation between Karma and Kismat. How will you explain it? Do they come up in parallel?

Guru ji elucidated with a beautiful reply that Karma and Kismat are two different things. Kismat or, Luck is indeed very important. Whatever is written in destiny, no body can take away from you. But that doesn’t mean you should leave everything on your luck or destiny.

If you will not do Karma or if you will not keep working for your goals or fulfilling responsibilities, then your destiny even can’t help you stay happy or successful all the time. Yes, Karma and Kismat work in parallel. Your luck will support you if you will keep worshipping your Karma. May be Karma can let you achieve what your destiny even can’t offer you. Your Karma can change your destiny.

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In the end, We would like to convey Guruji’s message to all their admirers. Vedic astrologer Master Deepak Ji requests his admirers to follow up with any remedy or practices recommended by him for at least 43 days regularly.  Keep reading our blogs and stay updated with astrological factors that impact your life and can help you lead a healthier and happier life.