Karma Aur Kismat Konnection Episode #3- About Shani Jayanti

Master Deepak Ji On TV Show “Karma Aur Kismat Konnection” with Shilpa Shirodkar

As Shani Jayanti Mahotsav 2017 is coming closer, Vedic Astrologer Master Deepak Ji shed some light on this auspicious festival.  According to guruji, Shani Jayanti is celebrated on account of the birthday of Lord Shani, who was the son of Lord Surya and rules the planet Saturn. His birth anniversary is celebrated as a big occasion and people perform several types of religious practices to please him and receive his blessings.

Shani Jayanti – May 25 2017

Jyotish Guru Master Deepak Ji unveiled that Shani Jayanti is celebrated on the Jyeshta Amavasya falling in the month of Jyeshta every year, and this year it is coming on May 25, thursday.

Color and Characteristics:

The color of Shani is black/blue. The congenial material to heal Saturn related troubles should be black colored. This color represents the fiery nature of the planet that is caused due to the absence of light. His metal is Iron.

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 Shani Jayanti Mahotsav 2017

Ruling Period of Shani

As per Jyotish Vidya, Shani means something that moves very slowly after which he was named Shani. He takes a period of about 2  to 2^1/2 years in one sign. During this period, the native must worship Lord Shiva to please Lord Shani and to avoid any ill-impacts in their life. Master Deepak Ji dictates a short story to elaborate the reason behind worshipping Lord Shiva.

Lord Surya abandoned his wife, Chhaya and refused to accept Shani as his son. Both the mother and son left the home and suffered immense troubles. Chhaya suggested Shani to worship Lord Shiva to alleviate their sufferings. Shani sacrificed his adolescence and childhood for practicing strict austerity to please Lord Shiva for a long time.

One day, being impressed by the devotion and extreme dedication of Shani, Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and granted him the boon with the freedom and authority to punish or reward someone. Shani used to treat the people in accordance with the Karma performed by them.

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He rewards the people for good deeds and punishes them for misdeeds, offenses or crimes. Shani is known for the ‘wicked sight’ for the wrong or evil persons. He didn’t even forgive his own father Surya and punished him with his wicked sight. One who deceives is sinful in the eyes of Shani and needed to be punished strictly.

Ruling Sign in Horoscope

Own Sign of Lord Shani is Capricorn and Aquarius.  He is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Every human goes through two hard periods caused by Shani, typically specified as Sadhe Sati and Dhaiya.

When Shani ingress in the twelfth and second house of Natal Moon, the period is known as Sadhe Sati and it is the period of about seven and a half year in which its native faces many difficulties. And Dhaiya is a period of two and a half year in which Saturn is placed in the fourth and eighth house of Natal Moon and is again a very much difficult time in an individual’s life and may lead the person to even poverty.

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Rituals For Shani Jayanti

Rituals For Shani Jayanti To Appease Lord Shani

  1.  Puja or Tap:

On this holy day, one should visit Shani temple and can read Shani strotra or Shanti path after puja.

Shani strotra

  1. Shani-Shanti Havan:

If Shani is not in favorable position in your horoscope or you are suffering from the ill impacts of Shani Sadhe sati and Dhaiya, to heal the Lord Shani you can arrange Shani-shanti hawan or yagya at your homes under the guidance of your familiar Pandit.

  1. Water the plants:

After you wake up and take a bath, water the plants in your home or somewhere around. As per Hindu Mythologies, Lord Shiva resides in plants and trees. Pleasing Lord Shiva is the best way to impress Shani Dev. Water the plants on a daily basis and especially on Shani Jayanti.

  1. Do your Karma:

Believe in karma and perform good deeds. Help poor people, make charities for the needed ones and keep growing in your job.

Celebrity Time

The show welcomed a very beautiful, talented and popular actress of Bollywood, Mrs. Shilpa Shirodkar. She asked Master Guru ji to guide her about peaceful life. Shilpa questioned,”As I belong to glamor world and my profession is really tough.

I have to make a balance between home and professional life. Sometimes I get frustrated and want to attain a peace of mind.

I have read your book “Divine Vastu Tips” and I try to follow those simple tips of Vastu Shastra. So please tell me what should I do to acquire a peaceful state of mind and sound sleep?

Master Deepak Ji thanked Shilpa for reading his book and following the little tips recommended by him for a happy and balanced life. During the show, guruji suggested her to take some rock salt and put in warm water and dip feet for 3-5 minutes into it.

It will grasp all kind of negativity and will give you a peaceful sleep.  Secondly, he suggested her to use bed sheets of red and yellow colors in her rooms. This is kind of color therapy for good sleep. And he also reminded the viewers that these tips are customized, not for everyone but only for her as per her horoscope. Enchant OM before you sleep and keep positive thoughts in your mind before going to bed. When you wake up, light a pure Desi ghee on the east side of your house and sit for 3-5 minutes. It will be really beneficial for you.

Not only Shilpa, but most of the followers are happy with the tips and remedies specified by Guruji. And if you too feel that these blogs and videos are somehow useful to you, then please provide your feedback. And stay in touch with us.